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Featured in Focus on LivingWool Growers, the most popular Basque restaurant in Bakersfield, was created to offer guests the finest in Basque dining with a comfortable, family-oriented atmoshere. From the moment one enters, they are transported to the Basque country, a world that touches all the senses.

story in California Farm Bureau FederationFor half a century, Wool Growers has offered its guests a relaxing experience. Wool Growers' guests visit from around the world. Many celebrities from nearby Hollywood such as Barbra Streisand, Huell Howser, Judge Wapner and Chuck Connors regularly enjoy its fine cuisine - and former California Governor and US President Reagan loved the fries.

Visit today and indulge yourself in the dishes of the South of France and Northern Spain.

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courtesy of California Country Magazine - Califonia Farm Bureau Federation 
Best of Kern County Jenny Maitia - Focus on Living Via Magazine Huell Howser
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Capona, 1947
The Capona or leading male sheep pictured here, gladly dons his new hat. Read about it here.

Enjoy our wonderful Basque recipes !
Wool Growers
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